International Trade and Finance

The Department of International Trade and Finance is the first department opened in 2006 with its current name among the state universities in our country. The Department of International Trade and Finance grounds on economic and academic developments in our country and in the world and new orientations and practices in higher education, and it aims to produce professionals who will be equipped with the latest knowledge on the international trade and finance issues. In this regard, our students are given undergraduate education as formal and evening education. In addition to the undergraduate education, Thesis Master Program in the Department of International Trade and Finance,opened in the Institute of Social Sciences of Afyon Kocatepe University in accordance with the needs that arise, will start in the fall semester of 2018-2019 academic year.

The Department of International Trade and Finance undergraduate curriculum offers a broad curriculum covering all areas of economics, and for this purpose, a comprehensive content, especially about economy and international trade and finance is offered to our students. In this way, our students graduate with a strong economic knowledge and a background on areas they want to specialize in after graduation. The modern analytical and numerical methods we use in undergraduate education are not only the tools that can be used in post-university life, but also the elements that are particularly emphasized in our programs as a part of the goal of developing systematic and independent thinking ability.

The medium of instruction of our department is Turkish. There are a total of 8 academicians in our department; 3 Professors, 2 Assistant Professors, and 3 Research Assistants. The students who receive education in the department have to complete 240 ECTS courses successfully in order to graduate. As part of an application throughout the university, all the second year students take a non-area elective course both in the fall and the spring semesters. These courses are selected from the courses offered by departments of other faculties rather than their own faculty and provided to enable the student to gain knowledge in different disciplines. The main objective of determining nearly half of the total course loads as elective courses in our department is to enable our students to choose from the areas they want to pursue in terms of their career goals and their academic development. all the instructions  and all the seminars and the meetings that our students need in line with their academic and career goals are organized by our department for 4 four years and it is ensured that our students head for the fields they are interested in.

In addition to the eligible undergraduate education in the Department of International Trade and Finance,; we aim to produce graduates who have gained the abilities such as analyzing, researching, and questioning as well as  having strong social communication and know teamwork skills with the ability to produce ideas and defense them.   Accordingly,  the department implements a unique curriculum to make its students gain the ability to undertake managerial role in a rapidly developing and transforming society of Turkey and to provide them with information that includes the details of creative, and contemporary international trade and finance. Furthermore, the students of the department have the opportunity to study in one semester or two  abroad via the Erasmus Program and at other universities in our country via the Farabi Program. Students also have the chance to get a second diploma or certificate in Double Major and Minor Programs in other departments in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences within quotas as long as they meet required success conditions. Graduates of the Department of International Trade and Finance can be employed in national and international companies, departments of foreign trade, foreign marketing, and finance, and external transactions and fund management units of banks. Furthermore, our students have the opportunity to find a job in public institutions such as Undersecretariat of Treasury, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, Istanbul Stock Exchange, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, and Capital Markets Board and in every field in which graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences can work.