Public Finance

The Department of Finance of Afyon Kocatepe University, which was founded in 1974 to meet the needs of both public and private sectors for individuals trained in financial issues of both public and private sector, is one of the oldest and the most established finance departments of our country. In accordance with the contemporary mission and vision that it has undertaken, the Department of Finance, which has produced many bureaucrats, academicians, and private entrepreneurs achieving serious success in their fields, is a successful educational institution that still produces prestigious financiers through an academic discipline and understanding of quality in compliance with universal university culture with its experienced and scientifically proven academic staff.

Finance departments were established primarily to meet the needs of the government’s financial personnel and specialists.

In this department, we aim at;  producing qualified financiers for the public and private sectors to meet the need for expert / intermediate staff, obtaining basic knowledge and skills regarding Economics, Law, Sociology, Political and Administrative Sciences and other fields closely related to Finance, educating students who are equipped with financial knowledge in this day when knowledge, expertise, and experience are important, and we need to work harder to live more comfortably; Following developments related to financial matters and to help exchange information with the entire environment on financial matters; Providing students with the qualitative and quantitative methods education that will make them understand financial theories, informing students about financial matters and enabling them to comment problems on provide practical solutions to these problems.

The four departments in the Department of Finance are:

  • Financial Law,
  • Budget and Financial Planning,
  • Finance Theory,
  • Financial Economics.