Founded in 1992 since when it produced numerous graduates, our department also has master and doctoral programs. With many faculty members and instructors working in different fields of economics, educational and scientific research activities are carried out in our department.

Depending on their level of success, our students have the opportunity to study in Europe within the scope of the Erasmus program or at other universities in Turkey as a part of Farabi program for at least one semester. Moreover, our department, which is open to foreign students, intends to enhance the cultural interaction among the students. Our undergraduate program offers a wide range of courses covering all areas of economics. In addition, much emphasis is placed to using analytical and numerical methods in the education of economics at undergraduate level. Thus, we aim at providing our students with a systematic and independent thinking ability that they can use in their whole business life with a strong economic knowledge and background.

Our students work in the public sector in many stages and in the private sector such as banking, foreign trade and accounting. We are careful to follow up them as it is an important output of education quality. Department of Economics has an MA and Ph.D. program for graduates who want to pursue an academic career. It also has a non-thesis degree program for private and public sector employees from various professional groups.