Business Administration (In English)

The Department of Business Administration in English is a department that offers dynamic and innovative training programs in the universal metrics light. It was founded in 2007 as the first and only English department of Afyon Kocatepe University with the aim of producing qualified managers who will be able to compete in national and international markets, to make sound judgement and to take risks, to meet the needs of the business world and to add value to the world.  

The department gave its first graduates in 2011. Since the Department of Business Administration in English proceeds on its way with the aim of producing graduates that can successfully compete both in the international and in the national arena, the courses in our department are conducted entirely in English, and therefore, students who get accepted into this department are required to attend to English preparatory class for a year. In our department, education is sustained with the contributions of the academicians from various faculties and vocational schools of our university including such departments as Business Administration, Economics and Public Administration in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Our students are given various elective courses mainly in areas such as business management, marketing, finance, accounting and production and also related to students’ you are being trained as entrepreneurs who can compete in national and international markets, can make healthy decisions, and can take risks. Our students are mainly given courses in areas such as business management, marketing, finance, accounting, and production and various elective courses in the direction of their interests. They are trained as entrepreneurs who can compete in national and international markets and make and implement healthy decisions. Thanks to our existing and future foreign partnerships which are also planned to be increased, our students get some of their university education abroad, and by this means, they are able to develop both the skills of using foreign languages and the skills of expressing themselves. In addition, our department encouraging student mobility via programs such as ERASMUS, Mevlana and Farabi, is the department that has the most students in number having the opportunity to complete one or two semesters at a foreign university via ERASMUS. Our graduates are also able to earn degrees in MA and Ph.D. programs at public and private universities in our country, as well as universities in countries like the USA and UK without facing any foreign language obstacles.

They can select an academic career starting from becoming a research assistant up to professorship and work in national and international companies’ departments such as management, finance, accounting, marketing, foreign trade, human resources, and production. They can also benefit from the job opportunities in various public institutions and organizations.

Therefore, If…

  • you believe in the phenomenon of globalization and are excited to follow not just the local but also the ever-changing business dynamics of the whole world,
  • you want to work not only in national but also international companies,
  • you have a dream of becoming a manager in national and international companies in Turkey one day,
  • you aim to set up your own business and provide a competitive advantage with it in international markets,
  • entrepreneurship is in your soul and you do not want to limit it only with Turkey,
  • you are happy to communicate with all the citizens of the world, and run and manage your human relations,
  • you want to make decisions, solve problems, research, and improve these skills using not only local but also international opportunities
  • you dream to have a Master’s and PhD degrees at state or private universities in our country and countries such as the USA and UK in order to become a specialist in your field,

This is your place.